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Frequently Asked Questions

Wallpaper material
What material is your wallpaper made of?

Photo wallpaper and pattern wallpaper

We use two qualities of non-woven wallpaper: 165 grams extra matt and 155 grams with coating. This is because we work with various suppliers who use different materials. The wallpaper '165 grams extra matt' has no coating, which gives the wallpaper an extra matt appearance. This means that this wallpaper cannot be used in damp areas. The wallpaper is light-resistant, so it will not discolour. We also use this material for the wallpaper circles and wallpaper panels.

The wallpaper '155 grams with coating' has a matte coating, making it slightly washable. This means that the wallpaper can be wiped off very carefully with a soft tea towel or a piece of kitchen paper. Never scrub with a sponge or damp cloth, because the wallpaper cannot withstand that.


The wallpaper from these collections is heavy, high-quality, non-woven (200 gm) with a top vinyl layer. Thanks to that vinyl layer, the wallpaper is water- and stain-resistant and washable. Therefore, the wallpaper is perfectly suitable for spaces like kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. This wallpaper has a visible and tactile texture featuring a linen look. A few Hotel Chique collection colours have a light metallic effect; the rest are solid colours. Not sure about the colour? We recommend you order a wallpaper sample first to experience the colour and ensure that it meets your expectations.


The gold wallpaper is made of a very heavy, high-quality non-woven wallpaper (260 gm) with a washable metallic top layer in the colour gold. The gold has a beautiful satin-like finish and a light structure.

How accurate are the colours featured on the website?

We do our very best to depict the wallpaper colours on our website as true to life as possible. However, the colour may vary slightly from the actual product colour. That can happen due to your phone, tablet or computer colour and light intensity setting. Place ten screens side by side, and the colour will appear slightly different on each screen. That is why we advise you first to order a wallpaper sample if you doubt it.

Is your wallpaper environmentally friendly manufactured?

Absolutely. The basis of our wallpaper meets the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 requirements. The toner is produced entirely CO2-free. Also, KEK Amsterdam wallpaper is free of formaldehyde and other volatile substances that can harm the environment and health. The wallpaper is, therefore, PVC and vinyl free*. Our factory is partially heated with the residual heat from our wallpaper production. To avoid paper waste, we work together with a so-called Paper for Paper Gold supplier. Our production process includes returning paper waste to the paper mill to manufacture new paper.

*) With the exception of the Hotel Chique and Natural Chique collections wallpaper, which features a vinyl top layer.

What is the difference between patterned wallpaper and wall murals?

Patterned wallpaper features a specific pattern repeated in width. Most patterned wallpaper (165 gm non-woven) consists of 2 strips, each 48.7 cm wide by 280 cm high. The biggest advantage is that you always get two strips from one wallpaper roll. Do you have a ceiling higher than 280 cm? Then you can order customised patterned wallpaper. If your ceiling is lower, you can easily cut your wallpaper to size.

The term wall mural refers to all wallpaper that features a single image (i.e. not a repeatable pattern). It can be a print of a painting, a drawing or engraving, or an illustration from a children's book. It is wall-filling (from floor to ceiling) wallpaper. It is available in three standard sizes, namely 4, 6 or 8 stripes wide, with a height of 280 cm. If you require another size, please order customised wallpaper. Each KEK Amsterdam product features a customisation option, if not stated otherwise.

What is a wallpaper circle and wallpaper panel?

A wallpaper circle is round wallpaper of 3, 4 or 5 pre-cut wallpaper strips, each 47.5 cm wide. There are three sizes available: diameter of 142.5 cm, 190 cm or 237.5 cm.

A wallpaper panel is like a large wallpaper poster. It doesn't cover the whole wall. The panel consists of 3 or 4 pre-cut wallpaper strips, each 47.5 cm wide; therefore, you do not need to cut the wallpaper. You can choose from the following two sizes (width x height): 142.5 x 180 cm and 190 x 220 cm.

Calculate, apply and remove wallpaper
How many rolls of wallpaper do I need?

Measure your wall first. Then add an extra 6 cm in width and 6 cm in height for cutting loss.

A patterned wallpaper (165 gm non-woven) roll consists of 2 strips, each 48.7 cm wide and 280 cm high. If your wall is 280 cm or lower, you get two strips from one roll. For technical reasons, the wallpaper can be 48.4 cm wide. So take extra margin anyway so you don't come up short.

Suppose you have a wall 342 cm wide by 262 cm high. Including the cutting loss, the required size is 352 x 272 cm. With this height, you get two strips from one roll. Now, divide the width of the wall by the width of the strip: 342: 48.7 = 7.22 = rounded up to eight strips. So in total, you need four rolls of wallpaper.

A Hotel Chique wallpaper or Natural Chique wallpaper roll is 53 cm wide and 10 meters long. If your wall is lower than 250 cm, you get exactly four strips from one roll. If your wall is between 251 and 333 cm high, you get three strips from one roll.

Suppose you have a wall 297 cm wide by 265 cm high. Including the cutting loss, the required size is 307 x 275 cm. With this height, you get three strips from one roll. Now, divide your wall width by the strip width: 307: 53 = 5.79. Let's round them up to 6 strips. So in total, you need two wallpaper rolls. The batch number on the roll shows from which print run the wallpaper comes. When you order multiple rolls, the rolls must have the same batch number to avoid small colour differences. Therefore, it is essential always to check whether the supplied rolls are from the same printing run before hanging the wallpaper.

Is it difficult to hang wallpaper?

No, it's certainly not difficult. You apply glue to the wall, so you don't need a wallpapering table. You apply the wallpaper strips dry. You will find clear adhesive instructions on each roll. Make sure that you apply the sheets smoothly and butt (so against each other without overlapping) without using force. If you apply too much force, you stretch the wallpaper a bit, as it were. The wallpaper will then return to its original state after drying. This can cause small seams, and of course you don't want that.

One last tip: don't use too much glue on the wall. If excess glue ends up on the outside of the wallpaper (i.e. on the visible side), remove it as soon as possible with a dry clean tea towel or paper towel. Leaving the glue on for too long can cause dark streaks at the seams.

What type of wallpaper glue do I need?

For all our wallpaper, we recommend Perfax Ready & Roll glue for non-woven wallpaper. This is a ready-to-use wallpaper glue. Apply it directly to the wall from a bucket with a large paint roller. The glue is available at any hardware store, do-it-yourself store or wallpaper store.

How do I hang a wallpaper circle or panel?

Unlike the 'normal' non-woven wallpaper (such as patterned wallpaper or wall mural), you do coat the wallpaper with non-woven wallpaper glue. There is no exposure time, and you can hang the wallpaper circle or panel straight away. Glue dries up within ten minutes, which gives you plenty of time. You'll find the application instructions are on the wallpaper label (in English). You can also find these on the Contact page (Application instructions).

How can I remove wallpaper?

Removing non-woven wallpaper is very easy, and you don't require a steamer. Even after several years, you still can pull the wallpaper strips from the wall. However, do this carefully as pieces of wallpaper may not come off straight away. A piece of wallpaper left on the wall? Carefully cut it off with a clean putty knife so that the wall becomes smooth and you can hang new wallpaper.

Customized wallpaper
How do I measure my wall?

Measure the wall in width with a tape measure. Then measure the wall in height. Repeat this in several places, such as at the beginning, middle, and end of your wall. Take the highest point. Now, you have the actual size of the wall. Add another 6 cm to that (both in width and height). You need to add these extra centimetres for cutting loss as no wall is straight. If you are planning to hang the wallpaper on a wall that goes around the corner, add another 10 cm in width to ensure you have sufficient wallpaper.

How to order customised wallpaper?

If your wall is larger than a standard roll size, you can easily order customised wallpaper using our wallpaper configurator. Go to the wallpaper that caught your eye. Click on the button 'Adjust wallpaper' and fill in the required width and height. Take extra cutting loss into account and add 10 cm in both width and height. Decide which part of the wallpaper pattern you like most and want to enjoy on your wall. Click and drag the wallpaper to the desired position until you are happy with the results. You will immediately get a calculation of the required square meters number and the price (including VAT and shipping costs).

Can I return or cancel customised wallpaper order?

Customised wallpaper is made specially for you, therefore, it cannot be returned. It is possible to cancel your order if the cancellation takes place before the wallpaper has gone into production.

Wall stickers
What material are the wall stickers made of?

Our wall stickers are made of beautiful, high-quality, thin vinyl with a matte finish. The images do not have white or transparent edges, making the stickers perfect for coloured walls. KEK Amsterdam wall stickers are moisture-resistant and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Which surfaces are suitable for your wall stickers?

The wall stickers are best suited for hard flat surfaces, such as smooth plastered walls without structure, doors, windows, plinth and furniture. The wall stickers could be applied on any flat surface. It's difficult to apply the stickers onto the walls with fine sanding, decorative plaster or another plaster with a light structure. For the best result, the plaster should be as smooth as possible. You could, however, apply the wall stickers over non-woven wallpaper or fibreglass wallpaper. The sticker would hang less tight to the wall than when you apply it onto a smooth plastered wall.

Is it easy to apply a wall sticker onto a wall?

Applying the KEK Amsterdam wall stickers is easy. Large stickers with many details come with a layer of appliqué paper, making it easy to apply them. Step-by-step application instructions are included with the stickers (both in Dutch and English). Ensure that the flat surface is clean, dry and free of dust and grease. We recommend waiting for at least two weeks if you intend to apply a sticker on a freshly painted wall.

There were no application instructions on my wall sticker. What now?

Many of our small wall stickers, for example, single animal stickers, do not have application instructions as they are easy to apply. Ensure that the wall surface is smooth, flat, free of dust and grease; it is essential for the best results. Carefully peel off the sticker from the backing paper and apply the sticker on the wall. You may want to rub it with a dry clean tea towel.

Are the wall stickers easy to remove?

Use a hairdryer to remove the wall stickers easily. The heat makes the adhesive layer of the sticker soft, so you can easily peel the sticker off. Do this carefully you don't damage the wall. The longer the wall sticker has been in place, the bigger the chances that it will remove paint.

Can I reuse my wall sticker?

No, unfortunately not; the wall stickers are semi-permanent. The wall sticker won't apply nicely and tightly to a wall if you try to apply it for the second time. Therefore, it is essential to carefully think about the sticker positioning before applying it on the wall.

Warranty & delivery times
What is the delivery time of KEK Amsterdam wallpaper?

We work with different suppliers. Therefore, our wallpaper has different delivery times. All patterned wallpaper, wall murals, wallpaper circles and panels made from the non-woven wallpaper (155 and 65 grams) have a delivery period of 3 - 5 working days. We do not have this wallpaper in stock. After you place your order, our supplier will proceed to produce your wallpaper. As soon as the package has left our office, you will receive a Tracking Number by email.

The delivery time of our gold wallpaper is 3 - 5 working days. Your order will be shipped directly from the supplier with DPD service. As soon as the package is dispatched, you will receive a Tracking Number by email.

In principle, we do have the wallpaper from the Hotel Chique and Natural Chique collections in stock. Ordered before 21:30 = shipped the same day with DHL. It sometimes happens that a colour is not in stock; then it can take up to 3 weeks before we receive it from our supplier. We will always indicate this with the relevant product.

The delivery time of customised wallpaper can be slightly longer than of the the standard rolls. This depends on the desired dimensions, type of wallpaper and approval process. We can usually deliver customised work within 1 - 2 weeks.

What is the delivery time of wall stickers?

Usually we have all wall stickers in stock, except for the XL stickers from Miffy and Jip & Janneke. If the wall sticker you want to order is in stock, it will be sent within 2 working days. If a wall sticker is not in stock, it can take up to two weeks to produce and ship it. In the unlikely event that the delivery time is longer than stated above, we will inform you in time.

Do you have a guarantee policy?

We use the so-called legal guarantee on all our items: an item must be in good condition when you buy the KEK Amsterdam item in question. If in the unlikely event, it's not the case, we will offer you a suitable solution as soon as possible. Please refer to the frequently asked questions under the Complaints heading. The warranty automatically expires if an article has already been used (for example, the wallpaper or wall sticker is already on the wall). The invoice you receive with your order confirmation is also your proof of warranty.

My package arrived damaged. What now?

Although we always pack our orders with care, your package may get damaged during the shipping process. In that case, take a photo of the box and unpack your order. Usually, the product itself stays undamaged. There could be creases on the application paper of a wall sticker. That's not a problem. Gently rub the creases out while applying the sticker. Be careful not to damage the sticker. In the unlikely event that the product is damaged, please send us a clear photo with your name and order number. We will ensure that you receive a new product quickly.

I don't like the product. What now?

In case the item you have ordered differs from you expected, you can return your order including the packing slip within 30 days to KEK Amsterdam, Returns Department, Nikkelstraat 51-A, 1411 AH Naarden, the Netherlands. You must cover the return shipping fee. As soon as we have received the package back in good order, we will refund you the purchase amount within one week.

Oops, I made a mistake while hanging my wallpaper. What now?

We are sure you had read the application instructions carefully before you started hanging the wallpaper. And yet, something went wrong. Don't worry, things happen. Maybe you used too much glue at the seams, making the seams look slightly darker than the rest of the wallpaper. Or you incorrectly cut the wallpaper. Or maybe, you mismeasured your wall, and now, your wallpaper strip is too short. Whatever the reason, we strive to offer you the best experience with KEK Amsterdam products. We are here to help you with your problem. Please email us as quickly as possible with a brief description of what went wrong and add your name and order number. Then we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I have another complaint. What now?

We work with great suppliers who, like us, always strive for the best quality and service. Nevertheless, on a rare occasion, things could go wrong during the production or packaging process. Email us with a description of your complaint and add a few clear photos (preferably a close-up and a full-size photo). Then we will properly assess your complaint and immediately discuss the issue with the relevant supplier. If a production error is established, we will send you a new product as soon as possible. In the unlikely event of a problem during the product application (by yourself or a wallpaper professional), we will discuss a suitable solution or offer you the same product with a discount.

Returns & Cancellations
Can I return my order?

Have you ordered the wrong product? Do you prefer a different color? Then you can easily return your product (except for customised wallpaper and wallpaper samples) within 30 days to KEK Amsterdam, Returns Department, Nikkelstraat 51-A, 1411 AH Naarden, the Netherlands. As soon as we have received your return in good order, we will refund the purchase amount within one week to the bank account you used to pay for your order.

I ordered 1 roll of wallpaper too much. Can I return it?

If you have a roll (or a few) left after hanging your wallpaper, return it within 30 days to KEK Amsterdam, Returns Department, Nikkelstraat 51-A, 1411 AH Naarden, the Netherlands. As soon as we have received the roll(s) in good order, we will refund the purchase amount within one week to the bank account you used to place the order.

If you have ordered several rolls of one type of wallpaper, only rolls that are still in the seal may be returned. You can of course open the first roll to assess the color and quality.

Can I cancel my order?

Have you changed your mind? You can always cancel your order (except for customised wallpaper). Email us at [email protected] or message via WhatsApp, include your name and order number. We will process your cancellation immediately. We can't cancel your order if it has already been dispatched. In this case, you can always return the order to KEK Amsterdam, Returns Department, Nikkelstraat 51-A, 1411 AH Naarden, the Netherlands. You will have to cover the return shipping fees. As soon as we have received the package in good order, we will refund the purchase amount within one week.

What are the return costs?

We do not cover the return shipping fees. Returning a product is at the customer's' own cost. The return shipping fee depends on your country and the current postal rates.

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