Frequently Asked Questions

About our wallpaper

What material is your wallpaper made of?
KEK Amsterdam uses a super quality non-woven wallpaper (165 grams, extra matte). Our non-woven wallpaper is many times stronger than ordinary (paper) wallpaper.

Is your wallpaper environmentally friendly?
Absolutely. The basis of our wallpaper meets the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 standard. The toner is also produced completely CO2-free. The toner is even Food approved (may come into direct contact with food). Our wallpaper is also free from formaldehyde and other volatile substances that can be harmful. Part of the building where the wallpaper is produced is heated with the residual heat from our wallpaper production. As far as paper waste is concerned, our wallpaper supplier is called Paper for Paper Gold partner. This means that the waste goes back to the paper mill, where new paper is produced.

Is non-woven wallpaper easy to apply?
Yes, super easy! Because you only apply the glue straight onto the wall. Everyone can do it. And success assured!

Which wallpaper glue do you recommend?
Our wallpaper can best be applied with Perfax Pink (Ready & Roll) for non-woven wallpaper. Available in almost any wallpaper specialist store or do-it-yourself store. Be careful not to take glue meant for paper wallpaper! The packages are quite similar, so a mistake is easily made.

What is the delivery time of your wallpaper?
For the wallpaper a delivery time of 4 to 8 working days applies. That is because our wallpaper is produced to order, once a week on Tuesday. If you order wallpaper before 11 a.m. on Tuesday, your wallpaper will be included in the production that day. On Friday in the same week that you ordered the wallpaper, it will be sent. You will receive an automated mail with a track & trace code, so that you can follow your package.

Is your wallpaper easy to remove again?
Yes, but why would you? Do you want to remove it anyway, even after several years you can pull the wallpaper dry from the wall.

Can I decorate immediately in a new house?
We recommend waiting a few weeks until the walls are really dry.

Can I apply non-woven wallpaper over existing wallpaper?
Certainly, but we do not recommend it. For the best result, it is better to remove the existing wallpaper and start with a clean surface.

Can I also order your wallpaper to size?
Of course! Both the photo wallpaper and the pattern wallpaper can be ordered to order to size. You indicate which wallpaper you want and what the size of your wall is. Then we start working on it.

About our wall stickers

What material do you use for the wall stickers?
We make our wall stickers from a beautiful, very qualitative matte wall film. The foil is very thin so you hardly see any difference in height. The wall stickers are resistant to moisture and can therefore easily be cleaned.

What are the blackboard stickers made of?
High-quality, matte black ‘chalkboard foil’. This material is nice and sturdy. Handy for notes in the kitchen, your home workplace or fun in the children’s room.

Are the wall stickers and blackboard stickers easy to apply?
Yes, both our wall stickers and blackboard stickers are easy to apply on a flat surface. But because some designs are very detailed, you have to be careful to make sure you keep to the clear instructions enclosed with most wall stickers (in Dutch and English).

Which surfaces are most suitable?
Our wall stickers and blackboard stickers are best suited for hard, slippery surfaces such as doors, windows, furniture and smooth plastered walls without structure. KEK Amsterdam CAN NOT GUARANTEE that the wall stickers stick on walls with fine sanding or stucco with a structure or granules, such as granol. Furthermore, the stickers do not stick on wallpaper (also no glass fiber or non-woven wallpaper). The wall and stucco must be really smooth! Make sure that the surface (e.g. glass, plastic, aluminium, tiles) is clean, dry, dust and grease free. With newly painted walls you have to wait at least four weeks before you apply the wall stickers.

Can I easily remove the wall stickers again?
Yes. You can easily remove the wall stickers. Sometimes it can happen, if the sticker has been on your wall for a while, that you are pulling away small pieces of wall paint. You can largely prevent this by first heating the sticker with a hair dryer. The glue layer then becomes warm so that you can easily remove the sticker. It goes without saying that you have to do this carefully, otherwise your wall might still be damaged.

Can I use the wall stickers for a second time?
No, a second time you never get the wall stickers smooth enough.

About our prints on wood

What kind of material are the wooden panels made of?
The panels are made of Ecoplex. This is an environmentally-friendly plywood made of poplar wood (made up of various layers of wood). This gives you that characteristic striped look. Durable and lightweight. In addition, the wood feels smooth and has a light flame structure. The panels are 18 mm thick and consist of one sheet of wood (so you do not see any seams). The panels have the following weight: - Small: 2.15 kg - Medium: 3.8 kg - Large: 6 kg

What is the effect of the wood on the image?
The panel is not coated with a whitewash. This gives the print a characteristic and natural look, because the colour and characteristics of the wood can be seen through the image. Each panel is therefore unique.

How do I hang the panel?
The panel has a suspension system: an aluminium Z-profile. This consists of two parts that, as it were, interlock. We already fix a part of the profile on your panel. You have to fix the other part yourself on the wall with a number of screws. This system is tailored to the size and weight of the panel. Use a spirit level to ensure that your panel is straight. Clear instructions are included.

Are the panels suitable for hanging outside?
No. The panels do not have a coating such as whitewash, so they are not water-resistant. They are really meant for indoors.

In what sizes are the panels available?
There are 3 different sizes to choose from: Small (45 x 60 cm), Medium (60 x 80 cm) and Large (75 x 100 cm). Not every image is available in every size.

What is the delivery time?
We can send your panel within 2 weeks. It is specifically made to order.

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